Friday, August 25, 2006

The Pwnion

Inspired in part by my earlier posting about The Hidden Dangers of Protocols, some of us on #snort-gui were playing with the idea of The Onion applied to security. Here are some of the headlines we came up with.

<Hanashi> "Area Man's Password Hacked After He Exchanges it for Chocolate Bar"
<Hanashi> "Commentary: I Totally Pwn!"
<Nigel_VRT> "Wireless: No Wires! What's up with that?"
<Nigel_VRT> "Undisclosed remote bug in software that some people use"
<Hanashi> "Study: Second graders way too amused by phrase 'IP'"
<helevius> "Jumbo Frames: Obese, or Just Big Boned?"
<Hanashi> "Covert Channel Discovered in IPv6: The Use of IPv6"
<Nigel_VRT> "If you don't use Microsoft Windows, you're an evil hacker. By Staff writer Will G. Ates"

What about you? Post your best funny headlines in the comments!

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joat said...

Pantless man in car arrested while downloading porn