Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sguil 0.6.1 released

There's a new Sguil release to start your morning. 0.6.1 features an updated client that's more responsive to large data sets. It also has some major new features, like:

  • The use of UNION in the MySQL queries is now the default. This has led to at least an order of magnitude decrease in the search time in my own (huge) SANCP database.
  • There's a new panel that displays snort statistics for each sensor. This finally allows you a semi-realtime view of packet loss and traffic/session statistics for each sensor.
  • Communication between the sensors and the server can now be encrypted with OpenSSL/TLS, using the same mechanism that protects the traffic between the client and server.
  • Numerous important bug fixes

I've been using the prerelease version of this code for a little while now, and it works a heck of a lot better than 0.6.0p1 did.

One thing that I did notice is that it's not quite a drop-in replacement for the old version. If you are using TclTLS to encrypt client/server communications, you will need to add the "-o" command line flag to your startup script to turn this feature on. In previous versions, specifying the TLS library location with "-O" was enough, but now two subsystems can use the same library (the client and the sensor communication paths) so you have to explicitly tell sguild which one(s) you want to encrypt.

This small caveat aside, if you're using sguil, you probably should upgrade at your earliest convenience.


Dan Guido said...

How about writing some documentation to make it easier to install and understand. Sguil is a ***** to pick up from the perspective of an outsider.

DavidJBianco said...

Your darn right. Check out the latest CVS version of InstantNSM. The automatic compile & configure scripts are kinda usable for RHEL/CentOS systems, but there's a complete from-source HOWTO for RHEL that should help you get started.