Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One of the best I've seen

We all know that seemingly innocuous email can hide all manner of nasties. Somehow, we still have the misconception that "I can tell a fake when I see it." Think so? Check out this email purportedly from F-Secure.

I don't meant to gush over the efforts of malware writers, but this is one of the best email social engineering attempts I've ever seen. The email is well written and literate. It purports to address a legitimate problem and offers assistance in solving it. More importantly, it triggers almost none of the usual heuristics users use to identify malicious email. The sender has even chosen the spoofed "From:" address carefully, so as to allay any fears that there might be a unwelcome payload. Who could possibly expect bad things from one of the world's leading anti-virus companies?

I say these things not to praise the spammers (who are, after all, greedy scumbags), but to point out that the bar for this sort of attack has been raised. Are your users prepared for this?

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