Monday, March 31, 2008

Switching to Sguil: A whole new meaning

Many of you may have wondered why I haven't yet blogged about the recent release of Sguil 0.7.0. Did I forget? No. Am I disappointed with it? Not at all! Am I just lazy? Yes, but that's not why.

The truth is, I've held off blogging about that because there's some even bigger news with the Sguil project!

You probably didn't know this, as we've tried hard to keep it under wraps until it could be formally announced, but the Sguil project has just received an extremely large vote of confidence, in the form of it being acquired lock, stock and barrel by Cisco!

Yes, you read that right! From the press release:

Under terms of the transaction, Cisco has acquired the Sguil™ project and related trademarks, as well as the copyrights held by the five principal members of the Sguil™ team, including project founder Robert "Bamm" Visscher. Cisco will assume control of the open source Sguil™ project including the domain, web site and web site content and the Sguil™ Sourceforge project page. In addition, the Sguil™ team will remain dedicated to the project as Cisco employees, continuing their management of the project on a day-to-day basis.

Really, I didn't blog about Sguil 0.7.0 yet because I didn't want to do say anything that could have interfered with this deal.

The great thing about this is that both Cisco and Sguil have made significant investments in Tcl, as it's already found in the OS on many Cisco products. Of course, Sguil is written almost entirely in Tcl, so this should provide for some great synergy going forward. You should start seeing Sguil being pushed out into the carrier-grade Cisco gear by 3Q08, with the rest of the Cisco-branded products following in phases through 4Q09. Linksys-branded gear will be supported too, though there's not an official timetable for that yet.

On a personal note, I would like to congraluate Bamm (AKA "qru"), Sguil's lead developer. He's put a lot of time into this project over the years, and is finally going to reap some rewards:

Although the financial details of the agreement have not been announced, Sguil™ developer Robert Visscher will become the new VP of Cisco Rapid Analysis Products for Security. “This deal means a lot to the Sguil™ project and to me personally,” Visscher explains. “Previously, we had to be content with simply being the best technical solution to enable intrusion analysts to collect and analyze large amounts of data in an extraordinarily efficient manner. But now, we’ll have the additional advantage of the world’s largest manufacturer of networking gear shoving it down their customers’ throats! We will no longer have to concern ourselves with mere technical excellence. Instead, I can worry more about which tropical island to visit next, and which flavor daiquiri to order. You know, the important things.”

I know that many of you will have questions about this major evolution in the Sguil project and our continuing roles as Cisco employees, so please feel free to leave them here as comments, or ask in freenode IRC's #snort-gui channel.

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Unknown said...

I have installed sguil and have an installation of ossec. I'm trying the ossec_agent.tcl in order to see ossec alerts on sguil, but I'm getting an error message. Can you give me a clue?
wrong # args: should be "regsub ?switches? exp string subSpec varName"
while executing
"regsub {(?x)
} $retVal """
(procedure "ResolveHostname" line 16)
invoked from within
"ResolveHostname $agent"
(procedure "ProcessData" line 112)
invoked from within
"ProcessData $line"
(procedure "ReadFile" line 13)
invoked from within
"ReadFile $fileID"
(procedure "InitAgent" line 43)
invoked from within
(file "./ossec_agent.tcl" line 684)
many thanks and keep the good work!