Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go ahead, get pwn3d, you've got Norton.

So I open my inbox today and find an e-newsletter from Symantec. Normally, they barely register with me, and I just delete them an move on. This one though, had a great subject line:

Go ahead, You've got Norton

Really? That's the idea you're going with? It's safe to open that attachement/click on that link/view that malicious site, just because you've got Norton AV?

I know this was probably written by a marketdroid, as I sincerely doubt that the Norton AV product engineers would encourage you to engage in risky Internet behavior no matter which AV product you've got installed. Still, you'd think that someone, somewhere, when planning their marketing strategy, would notice the fundamental disconnect between that slogan and any actual good security practice.

As Richard Bejtlich is fond of saying, prevention eventually fails. C'mon, Symantec. How can you expect customers to trust your product if your own marketing efforts display an ignorance of fundamental security principles?

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CunningPike said...

More than that, take the VirusTotal output for any recently encountered malware. In my experience, Norton rarely detects it.........