Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Would you notice this?

Just a quick thought I had. If your organization is using virtualization to pack many VMs onto your existing server platforms (as many sites are trying to do these days), would you necessarily notice if an additional VM popped up?

It turns out that VMs can be very small (the smallest VMWare image I found with a quick google search was 10MB, which could fit in my /tmp partition). Many, perhaps all, of the VM packages provide command-line level access to manage the running guest systems. VMWare even provides a Perl API for this.

If I were an attacker who managed to get access to your VM system, could I insert my own VM image and make it run? If so, I could potentially have my own custom hacking environment, with root privileges and whatever software I needed, without creating too many files or new processes on the host OS. Unless you're looking carefully at every file on the system, or watching what VMs are running, would you notice?

Would anyone with real-world virtual server experience care to share their thoughts?

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