Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sober worm pulls an interesting trick...

Check out this article from F-Secure's blog. According to it, Sober.Y has an ingenious method for "calling home" to download updates that resists efforts to block or shut down the URLs it uses.

According to the article, the worm tries to download its updates from URLs which are calculated in part based on the date. The actual URLs themselves aren't registered, but when the owner of the worm wants to send out an update, he simply calculates the day's URL, registers it, and places his content there for download.

It's a bit harder to shut things down if they don't exist yet, but fortunately the F-Secure guys reverse engineered the algorithm, which lets them predict the URLs too. They were apparently the ones who tipped off the German police, who in turn issued a statement last month on the subject.

Neat idea on the part of the author, but now that the algorithm is known, I guess it won't do him as
much good as he had hoped.

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