Thursday, January 13, 2005

More on the T-Mobile/Secret Service connection

This story sheds a little more light on how the T-Mobile hacker was able to access Secret Service documents. It seems that one of their agents made a habit of forwarding files to his T-Mobile email device so he could access them while traveling.

The article downplays the problem and makes it sound like it wasn't a big deal. The handheld contained "very limited investigative material" and "no government investigations were compromised." However, the article also quotes court records as stating that the files contained "highly sensitive information pertaining to ongoing ... criminal cases." This is apparent contradiction seems to indicate that someone in the USSS is either willfully over- or under-stating the case.

The agent in question, by the way, says he was cleared of any wrongdoing in an internal USSS investigation. He has since voluntarily resigned to work in the private sector.

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